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Basix Salts by Glas

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Fizzy lemonade 30mg, Fizzy lemonade 50mg, Butterscotch reserve 30mg, Butterscotch reserve 50mg, Blue razz 30mg, Blue razz 50mg, Pbls 30mg, Pbls 50mg, Blueberry cake 30mg, Blueberry cake 50mg, Caribbean punch 50mg, Caribbean punch 30mg, Mango tango 50mg, Mango tango 30mg, Juicy apple 50mg, Juicy apple 30mg, Crunch berry 50mg, Crunch berry 30mg, Cool melon 50mg, Cool melon 30mg, Banana cream pie 50mg, Banana cream pie, Brown tobacco 30mg, Brown tobacco 50mg, Aloe mango ice 30mg, Aloe mango ice 50mg, Strawnana ice 30mg, Strawnana ice 50mg, Peach ice 30mg, Peach ice 50mg, Crystal clear 30mg, Crystal clear 50mg, Pineapple mango chew 30mg, Pineapple mango chew 50mg, The mint 30mg, The mint 50mg, Blue razz lemonade 30mg, Blue razz lemonade 50mg, Grape blow pop 30mg, Grape blow pop 50mg, Kiwi berry burst 30mg, Kiwi berry burst 50mg, Strawberry watermelon bubblegum 30mg, Strawberry watermelon bubblegum 50mg, Black cherry blow pop 30mg, Black cherry blow pop 50mg, Mystery head 30mg, Mystery head 50mg